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Northern Star International

We are based in India, the manufacturers & exporters dealing in handicrafts products and more focused on using organic / natural materials to make our products. 

We believe in cost saving & upliftment of underprivileged artisans / workers. Of course! by maintaining the quality. 

Instead of using machines exclusively, our products are more handcrafted. Therefore, instead of having a big factory we get our products made at small units scattered in countryside areas . 

It's more like a fair trade by providing them employment and paying fairly . At the same time through our quality control team we continue to guide them for understanding, so as we maintain the international standards of our products .

We are the CITES authorized manufacturers eligible for  'Permit System for Exports' by procuring legalized timber.

Check our gallery for New collection of Shawl pins, Knitting and button products. "Pictures Available with Item numbers" Please feel free to write to us at and for our complete range and offers